Too often, patients are rushed and left with unanswered questions about their medical issues, medications, test results, or the impact a diagnosis might have on their everyday life and family. Sometimes they are provided with confusing or conflicting information, and even sometimes no information at all.  I have established CONSULT WITH NURSE PRACTITIONER OBLAS as an avenue for patients to get answers and discuss medical issues which are confusing or problematic. CONSULT WITH NURSE PRACTITIONER OBLAS is an opportunity for patients to fully learn as much as they want in a relaxed and confidential environment.


A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse with graduate-level education and extensive professional experience and training.  Nurse Practitioners are licensed by their State Board of Nursing to practice independently in an expanded role where they can examine, assess, and treat patients.  No physician oversight is required.  Just like any other general medical healthcare provider, issues outside the scope of practice of a Nurse Practitioner are always referred to appropriate specialties.


Your encounter with Nurse Practitioner Oblas begins when you call 602-405-6320.  At that time, you and I will briefly discuss your medical concern(s). If you wish to proceed you will provide your electronic payment of $120 for a full hour’s consultation or $75 for 30-minutes.  No insurances are accepted, but receipts can be provided for your records or to submit on your own for reimbursement.  Once paid, I will contact you via text or email at your specified time with a link to DOXY.me which is a secure, encrypted, and confidential video platform.  If you choose, we can communicate by way of phone. The two of us will then spend the allotted time discussing your situation in depth.  My aim is to educate, clarify and assist you in making your own informed decisions.


$200 for one 2-hour telehealth encounter

Includes my book:  The Patient’s Resource and Almanac of Primary Care Medicine.

$125 for one 90-minute telehealth encounter

Includes my book:  The Patient’s Resource and Almanac of Primary Care Medicine.

$120 for one 60-minute telehealth encounter

$75 for one 30-minute telehealth encounter